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Food Cravings

What Do Food Cravings Mean?


Food cravings are a sign of imbalance in the body. Most of the time the very foods we crave, we are allergic to. The more you eat that food, the more you want it. This is a true food craving. After eating this food, we get a short pick up in energy but later we feel tired and the cycle begins again with more cravings. Sometimes we can't stop eating it, the craving is so insatiable.


We have found a link between cravings for sugar and alcohol and carbohydrate sensitivities, cravings for chocolate prior to menses with serotonin and other neurotransmitter imbalances, and sugar sensitivities that heighten estrogen imbalances such as PMS and hot flashes. There is also a link to candida, sugar and heavy metals. The intensity and duration of these food cravings can be minimized and even eliminated so that become able to take a bite or two of the food that we formerly craved and actually become satisfied! Whereas, those with food cravings feel they have to eat the entire serving and are left wanting more.

Link to Nicotine


There is also a link between cravings for sugar, nicotine and carbohydrate sensitivities. Often an ex-smoker can have a transference of nicotine cravings to sugar cravings years later, even when the person quit smoking over 10 years ago! Despite the fact the person quit smoking, the sugar cravings will persist until the nicotine sensitivity is treated!


Improved Sugar Digestion


Our intense cravings for sweets, breads, pasta, cookies is an indication that we have sensitivities to various forms of sugar. Our computerized testing can test for the exact sugar sensitivity and determine whether there are other metabolic imbalances, as with the use of glucagon and insulin, hormones important in carbohydrate digestion, as well as lactase, and maltase, enzymes needed to digest dairy and wheat. Our program of treatment can improve your carbohydrate digestion such that the intensity and duration of these food cravings can be minimized and even eliminated, leaving you less tired after a meal. You will be able to take a bite or two of the food that you formerly craved and actually become satisfied!


What are the worst food cravings?

The most intense and popular food cravings are those related to sugars, from fructose, lactose, sucrose, maltose, to artificial sugars. Having a sugar sensitivity can cause you to develop grass and weed allergies, making seasonal airborne allergies worse. In women, sugar sensitivities often make estrogen and progesterone balance more difficult resulting in worsening symptoms of PMS, and hot flashes, and is believed to play a part in polycystic ovaries. Having sugar sensitivities makes it nearly impossible to loose weight because the very food you are unable to metabolize well will put on weight most easily. Sugar sensitivities also play a huge part in making children hyperactive to the point of their being labeled as having attention deficit syndrome, with the worst offenders coming from children's cereal. All these conditions are reversible.

Our treatment program can put YOU in control rather than having the food control you.
Common Food Cravings


  • Anything creamy
  • Anything salty
  • Anything spicy
  • Certain types of drinks: Cokes, Beer, Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Bread, cookies, cakes
  • Coffee
  • Certain types of nuts
  • Certain types of fruits
  • Salty chips
Food Cravings are a sign of Food Sensitivity/Allergy!

The Treatment


Our system of de-sensitization re-programs the body by desensitizing you from the very foods that you are craving.
Our program tests for food incompatibilities to determine the source of the food craving. The test is simple, fast, non-invasive and involves a computerized Meridian Stress Assessment System that is part of our Immune Reset Protocol.
We recognize every patient is unique; the detective process used to discover the underlying cause of your food cravings will take into account the strength of your immune system and its components, and your body’s response to toxins and metabolic pathways. The initial exam usually takes about an hour. This system was devised by Dr. Ellen Cutler; it treats a multitude of immune-based disorders. It is very effective for food cravings. For more information please see our Treatment Guidelines.

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